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Our Values


Let’s start by dispelling a myth - simple doesn’t have to mean muted palettes and minimalism.

Instead, it’s a choice about how we hold ourselves and how we do business.

It’s about keeping the main thing the main thing - and in our case, the main thing is making quality swimwear that you want to keep wearing. It’s choosing timelessness over trends and bowing out of endless consumption.

Simple is fashion when it’s done right; good fit, function and aesthetic.


We know, you’ve heard that before. Plenty of brands pay lip-service to 'sustainable practices’ that evaporate when you get up close. We prefer to put our money where our mouth is. We know that fast fashion has a human cost and it’s a price we refuse to pay.

From our dyes to our fabrics to our production practices, we’re casting a vote for the planet and for the people that create our clothes. As with everything worth having, we know the best things take time and labour and love. So, we’re about the slow-burn and the sustainable life-cycle.